Generate high-converting copywriting in minutes.

By finding out how prospects describe their struggles, motivations and needs
and mirroring the language they naturally use.


Uncover sticky words and phrases
pulled straight from customers’ mouths

Upload customer language data:

  • customers’ reviews about your product or your competitors’ product;
  • survey answers, customers’ interview transcripts;
  • product demo transcripts or customer support chats

Generate the Voice of Customer Report

Generate high-converting copy for your ads, emails and landing pages based on the voice of customer language insights.

Generate the Voice Of Customer Report in a blink of an eye

And find out the exact words your copy needs to include so you sound authentic and your messaging is effective.

Q1: What’s is the biggest pain point from previous products or lack of products that needs to be acknowledged?

The biggest struggle they felt before buying a camera harness was the discomfort. They use the below language to talk about it:

  • “If you’ve got 10,000 pounds of equipment you want something more than a 3mm strap. Having that weight around your neck is an issue.” [1]
  • “I just wanted to eliminate neck strain. Carrying a long lens around the neck is a hassle. A big lens can take a toll on your arms, wrists and back.” [3]
  • “I spend days out in the field for very long hours carrying it in a backpack isn’t handy.” [4]

Write the copy for the homepage hero section by including the 3 main product benefits.

Take beautiful pictures when hiking, biking, climbing while:

  • saving the neck and shoulders pain
  • having camera and lens out for those sudden moments
  • feeling relaxed and keeping your hands free
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